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When the Ugly Duckling Turns into a Swan

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Here at T&P Home Improvements, one of our favorite projects is turning an unused outside space from drab to FAB!

Our clients were ready to transform their outside area but didn't want to break the bank, after being quoted $20,000 dollars over their budget, they were ready to give up.

Until they took another chance and gave us a call. Not only were we able to work within their budget, but we were able to fit in a total remodel of their drywall ceiling as well!

We started with staining and sealing the pinewood that we installed right over the existing drywall ceiling, creating a beautiful rustic look with no upkeep or maintenance required.

Next we started fresh, where a once demo'ed grill area was located. We framed the entire kitchen with non-combustible material (metal framing) and finished the build with ledger stone on the outside and stucco on the inside. Our client's two requests were a bar top and fire pit. We were able to not only meet those requests, but added on some extra details that they completely fell in love with.

Our ending masterpiece included a Blaze 32" four burner grill, Blaze double side burner, Summit double tap kegerator, Blaze stainless refrigerator, a 13" round fire pit, and Blaze double rollout pail. We also added in our design a custom built range hood that was wrapped in Ledger stone, to match the outside of the grill. Added features to complete the build was a travertine natural stone backsplash and a stainless steel 24" sink with cutting board, to really pull to entire remodel together!

We were able to not only work within our clients budget, but we were able to come up with a design that they never thought was possible! Not to mention, saving them $20,000 from their original quote. Our main goal is to make our custom builds not only affordable but a one of a kind design, ensuring that we make your dream vision a reality.

Truly a story of an ugly duckling transformed into a beautiful swan! We took this unhappy space and completely transformed it into a beautiful outdoor living area our clients are beyond happy about! So many memories to come!



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